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Red Nose Day today. The kids went to school with their red nose. We remember Leah who died 8 years ago from SIDs and our baby who miscarried 7 years ago. Gone, but never forgotton.

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This morning James left a dinosaur on the carpet and Rachel stepped on it. She told him off saying, “Make Jurassic Park smaller”.

Hannah made me a coffee and didn’t wait for the kettle to finish boiling before pouring the water in. As a result – cold coffee. Then she puts it in the microwave. To see if it was hot enough, she dunked her finger in it, then walked out to the dining table and asked me to feel her finger and see if it was hot enough.

And people wonder why I get stressed……..

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I was having a low day yesterday and decided to spend my time making James a pair of slippers. I had already bought two balls of “Fab Fur” some time ago with the intention of making some monster slippers, after seeing a pattern for Abominable Baby Slippers.

I had thought each slipper would take a ball of wool, as the Fab Fur is so thick, but I ran out half a row from the end. Fortunately Franklins still had a two balls left last night when we did our shopping. I couldn’t buy one ball and leave one lonely ball sitting there, could I? So I decided on a hat. It’s a shame James’ head is so round, because he really does look ridiculous in the hat. The wool is so thick it’s a bit like a helmet, but he’s happy!

Rachel played netball today it what must have been almost sleet. It was so cold and wet. My top half wasn’t too bad because I had a polar fleece on, but my bottom half was numb. My goodness it was cold. I would like to point out that the big tough AFL players on the oval next to us had their game cancelled!

Monster SlippersMonster Slipper Closeup

James and His Slippers
James and Slippers

Monster Hat
Monster hat and slippers

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One pair of toe socks finished, for one very happy 8 year old! She has been hanging on every stitch for days, waiting for me to finish them and has already asked if she could wear them to school tomorrow, even though at that stage one sock only had 3 toes.

Rachel\'s Toe Socks

I couldn’t find a pattern I liked for the socks, so I just used a regular sock pattern and then did the toes as if I was making gloves. Rach has the most incredibly long toes – longer than her big sister’s, despite her feet being shorter. As a result, I made the toes a sensible length, discovered they were too short and then had to unpick them and start again!

Have had a busy week with Rach being sick, yet again. One of these days she might be healthy for more than a month.

I have also come to the conclusion that walking is much less stressful without two small children tagging along. I went to the local shop for milk and came home with a migraine brewing. James has decided that crashing into every sign post/tree/etc is hilarious (Neil owned up to it later) and everywhere he goes, Miriam must follow. If he jumps on a hydrant cover, so must she. If he hugs a tree, so must she, even if she’s following 10 metres behind. And that was just the trip to the supermarket. On the way home James decided they should hold hands. Well it was all very cute, but they only walked at half the speed. James was pointing out the trees and the fences and the dog and being a very dutiful big brother, but all I wanted to do was get home. It took us over half an hour and we only live 5 houses away from the shops!

Poor Neil has been trying to get my Mothers’ Day prezzie to work tonight. He ordered it over a month ago and it only arrived today and now it doesn’t seem to want to work. I tried to cheer him up with chocolate, but not even that worked. For anyone who knows Neil, you know how annoyed he must have been. We are talking about the man who gets a look of bliss on his face, just from seeing a Cadbury’s truck. I kid you not – it happened on the way home tonight.

I now have the ultimate in cow paraphenalia. A cow radio. Very cute and might I say, very practical. I will now be able to listen to Yass FM in style!

Goodnight for now.

Cow Radio

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I think that about sums up my life! Of course there is my wonderful hubby, but he doesn’t start with C! I have 4 blessings named Hannah, Rachel, James and Miriam who are all in bed looking angelic and I’m sitting watching Independence Day on TV.

I was knitting a sock, but I’ve put it aside to start my blog. I can’t imagine who’d want to spend their time reading what I have to say, but you just never know! I haven’t decided who the socks will be for yet, probably Rachel. I was going to make toe socks, but I haven’t found a pattern I like the the look of yet. If I’m feeling game when I get to the toes, I might experiment.

I also have a crocheted blanket on the go for our bed that I should finish one day soon and I have a another paid knitting job to do next week. Darn shame to get paid doing your hobby!

A couple of friends and I have been making brooches for Mothers Day to put in packs for drought affected Mums on farms in our area. I think they look pretty good.

Even if the mums don’t want to wear them as brooches, they can be pinned to a scarf or cushion or bag.

Anyway, time to finish up for tonight. I wanted to get the heel done on the sock tonight and it’s getting late.

God bless.