"Me old Akubra hat"

"I met her many years ago,
fell in love near right away,
fitted me just like a glove,
together we would stay.

From the city to the outback,
from the river to the sea,
we roamed this country far and wide,
she was just the one for me.

At first I treated her with care,
and tender loving ways,
and likewise she protected me,
from winter storms and scorching rays.

In those very early days,
her touch was smooth as felt,
she hugged me with a vengeance,
like for fear that I would melt.

We'd seen the Darwin Cup,
and climbed the flamin' rock,
been along the Oodnadatta track,
in New South we'd mustered stock.

At Queensland's Mt Surprise,
we spent time chasing sapphire,
and in most Australia's opal fields,
she never seemed to tire.

From fishing in the mountain streams,
to way out in Bass Strait,
from the Kimberlys' to the Gulf savannah,
we tagged along she was me mate.

She'd fallen down a mine shaft,
and fell off a moving truck,
got shot while chasing ducks,
and from the ocean had been plucked.

I guess my caring sort of waned,
and I maybe treated her quite rough,
I'd leave here sitting on a bar stool,
by herself and all that stuff.

The years go by and take their toll,
now she's bent and marked,
but still so soft to touch,
flail of character and spark.

All the good times had together,
as like with most things had to end,
I know I've lost a mate,
something more than just a friend.

Now we've parted company,
the Tibooburra Pub is where she's at,
hanging up above the bar,
me old Akubra hat."

                                          by John McCaskill

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